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This website will allow you to obtain more information about rhinoplasty (nose job) chin, cheek and lip implants, Botox injections, gel injections etc., as well as some of the most common diseases of the ear, nose and throat.
In this site we have tried to provide general public with scientific information about the surgeries in to simplest way possible. To help you have a better visual understanding we have used pictures, animations and videos where appropriate. Throughout this website you can see common surgery methods, some surgical procedures we offer in our clinic, as well as additional information such as, the duration of the operation, recovery time, post- operative care, the possible risks and complications that may occur during the surgery, pre-operative and post-operative photos.

Why choose us?

Surgery is performed by Dr Mehdi Ahmadi with more than 23 years of experience in rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.


  • Surgery is performed by Dr Mehdi Ahmadi with more than 23 years of experience in rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.
  • Combination of knowledge, art and experiences in performing cosmetic surgeries.
  • In line with the world’s newest scientific knowledge and implementation of modern methods of surgery.
  • Benefiting from experienced and renowned anesthesiologist and use of new techniques for anesthesia.
  • Benefiting from experienced OR medical staff and nurses for pre and post-operative care.
  • Surgery in Nikan Hospital using advanced equipment and providing the best aftercare within a luxury, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Anesthesia consultations will be provided for all patients; we also provide patients with heart consultations if necessary.
  • Provision of medical and hospital services in accordance with global standards.

Consulting with Dr Ahmadi

Mobile: (+98)9198020140
Phone: (+98)2188794098
EMail: mehdahmadi@yahoo.com


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Dr Mehdi Ahmadi

Oto-Rhino-Laryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon , Facial Plastic Surgeon

Meet our team:


    Our Anesthesiologists use the most convenient and safest methods to provide you with anesthesia, utilizing the newest and best anesthesia apparatuses and drugs.

    Dr Mehdi Ahmadi

      Having 23 year of experience in rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery Dr Ahmadi works with a delicate touch and extra care to insure minimal nasal tissue damage that prevent bruising, swelling and pain after the nose job.
      Dr Ahmadi is a one of the active members of the European Rhinology society, American rhinology society, American academy of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery and Iranian rhinology society.

      Nursing staff

        Our experienced nurses, anesthesia technicians and all staff in Nikan hospital will provide a quiet and safe environment, to ensure you experience a pleasant surgery with us.

        Cosmetic surgery

        is a mixture of knowledge, art and experience


        Consulting with Dr Ahmadi


        Unit 8, 3rd floor, Building number 2335, Opposite day hospital, Valiasr Street, Tehran, Iran.
        Phone Number: (+98)9198020140 , (+98)2188794098

        Unit 14, 4th floor, Building number 21, Next to Aseman residential tower, Farmanieh Street, Tehran, Iran.
        Phone Number: (+98)9198020140

        Nikan Hospital Address: Number 6, 22 Bahman Street, Araj Street, Aghdasieh Square, Tehran, Iran.
        Phone Number: (+98)2129121060, (+98)2129121070, (+98)2129121020
        WebSite: www.nikanhospital.com

        Consulting with Dr Ahmadi

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